I just cut more than a foot and a half off my hair. It was a bit drastic. It was a little more than I was really planning on getting rid of but you know how it is. You cut a bit, realize it’s not straight and then you need to adjust…

It was the first haircut I’ve had in five years. It was a little overdue.

Now my hair feels really short. When your hair is thigh-length like mine was it becomes an extra appendage that you’re constantly maneuvering. When it’s gone you go through all the motions as if it’s still there.

Right now it feels like a weird length but it will grow back.

I’d thought about cutting it for a long time but it wasn’t a high priority for me so thought never translated into action.

It reminds me of a common trope in films where women cut their hair short when they undergo major changes in their lives. I’ve always had really long hair. I have this irrational feeling that since it was a long time coming that I have to make it mean something, that somehow I’m going to be a different person now.

Maybe the short-haired me is really awesome at networking and doing things rather than just thinking about them all the time. Maybe the short-haired me actually knows what she wants to do in life.

Or maybe not. The funny thing is that I feel exactly the same.

2 Responses to “Hair”

  1. Abby Says:

    Your hair is still not short.

  2. erin Says:

    Short for me.

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