Alright, stop and think for a moment. How many Alka-Seltzer videos have you seen today? That’s exactly what I thought.

I’m going to skip over the exploding bottles that are all over Youtube because they’re kind of boring and easy to find. I found this first one via Just Stuff I Find. It’s Alka-Seltzer in space!

It reminded me of another video that I found via Design Observer of Salvador Dali explaining how Alka-Seltzer works.

After which point I went in search of old commercials on Youtube because Alka-Seltzer had some really great marketing. So now I bring you:

Alka Seltzer vs. hallucinations!

Plop plop, fizz fizz. You catch my dad singing this jingle every once in a while. Advertising works! I’m not so sure about the jingle though. It sounds kind of wrong out of context.

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