Othello again

Othello Tunnels

The Kettle Valley Railway is significant for another reason. It’s the route my grandmother took when she first came to Vancouver from the Kootenays.

I thought I’d heard this anecdote somewhere but I’ve spent two days digging through the shelves of Canadian railway history at my parents’ house and I haven’t been able to verify it so perhaps I made it up.

The story goes that sections of the railway were deemed too frightening for passengers because when outside the tunnels, you travel over trestles and bridges that are high above the rapids below. Consequently some of the most scenic parts of the trip were off-limits to the public. Passenger trains would only go through at night when people couldn’t see.

The story follows that my grandmother rode the Kettle Valley Railroad on her way to Vancouver from the Caribou, but she traveled it during the day because it was cheaper. Tough as nails, that woman.

Othello Tunnels

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