near Aggasiz

More photos from the valley.

While we were in the pool at the hot springs Mye had her iphone on hand to keep us updated about the Habs game. I’m not that into hockey but she was really giddy about it since against all odds they were winning.

praying for the Habs

We listened to the game in the car all the way to Hope. It was a bad way for them to find out that the vast majority of BC doesn’t have cell phone reception. The sound kept cutting in and out.

There were only a few minutes left of the game by the time we made it to Hope so we skipped sightseeing and continued on to the Othello Tunnels so they could listen to the end of the game. Habs won. Arm waving ensued.

the Habs win!

Othello Tunnels

The Kettle Valley Railway was insanely expensive and difficult to build because the route passes through two separate mountain ranges. When engineers first encountered the Coquihalla Canyon they decided that it would be impossible to build a railway thorugh it because the rock on either side of the river forms huge vertical cliffs.

They were completely nuts though so they built it anyways, blasting holes through the cliffs so that they could punch the railway through. Underneath, the water races past.

Coquihalla River

For me it was challenging in another way, because my camera doesn’t always deal well with high contrast and I tend to forget to change the settings. I ended up throwing half my pictures out.

Othello Tunnels


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