Just under two weeks ago I was doing some yardwork behind our house and saw a couple of ducks wandering down the back alley like they were out on a Sunday stroll. At first it looked like they were just passing through, but they lingered for a long time. I didn’t think much of it at the time, other than making a note to myself to get out my camera to take some pictures after I was finished working.

But the neighbours aren’t as tolerant as I am and they banged pots and chased the ducks around the back lane until they flew away.

I have been gradually transforming the back garden back into a garden. Apparently the lady who used to live here before the landlord bought the house had a very nice garden, but since then it has filled up with weeds and garbage that I’ve been removing. It wasn’t until well after I started that I thought that I should take a before picture.

I forgot to take a before picture

A week after I first saw them, the ducks were back, hanging out in our back yard.


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