Waiting for school to start


Well, nonstop excitement in my new neighbourhood. A gas station caught fire and two times this week there have been police parked across the street. Two cars, one of them a ghost car.

Then when I went to bring in the recycling that the city wouldn’t take because we’d apparently put it out wrong, the neighbour’s dog tried to bite my leg off.

Sounds horrible, eh? Well it hasn’t all been bedlam. Actually things are pretty good right now.

My roommate’s cat is from Quebec. I’m trying to teach her some English so that she’ll be bilingual. I’m not sure if it’s working yet. She makes a lot of noise but I don’t think she’ll ever lose the cat accent.

She seems to have developed a fascination with attacking my hair. She’s doing it right now, in fact. She’s been declawed so she isn’t doing a lot of damage. Mostly she’s just whacking me in the butt.

I’ve spent the day running lots of little errands, but because I live so much closer to everything I feel like I’ve squeezed twice the amount of stuff I’d normally do into one day and somehow have free time at the end.

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