The lake

Beddis Beach

At the spa the massage table that Steph was laying on collapsed, pitching her naked onto the floor and the table landed on top of her. The staff were mortified and all crowded in to help at once, which is maybe not the most relaxing thing to have happen to you when you’re feeling kind of naked, vulnerable and stunned.

We laughed about it in the hot tub afterward. She has a big bruise on her leg. She expressed surprise that they insisted that she not pay for her spa treatment, which I found weird.

There was confusion as to whether it was a hot tub or a jacuzzi.

While we were in the hot tub we all decided that we would run and jump in the lake and then run screaming back to the hot tub. We ran down to the dock and tried to mentally prepare ourselves for jumping in. Everyone called out “One… Two…” but before we could say three, Mye had already jumped in.

Cusheon Lake

Immediately she began flailing about. “You forgot to take off your glasses,” Mary-Lee shouted, but the look on her face was unmistakably the one you see on small children who are drowning in public pools. Shit, she doesn’t know how to swim. Luckily she wasn’t very far away from the dock and got herself out.

She was a little annoyed that we hadn’t jumped in with her. “Well, if you’d stayed in there any longer I probably would have jumped in to save you,” I said.

The experience had reawakened her fear of water so she decided to cook dinner while the rest of us went canoeing on Cusheon Lake. In boats I have a habit of going into coaching mode where I boss people around with enthusiastic constructive feedback. Luckily Steph isn’t the sort of person who gets annoyed by all this so our canoe was doing really awesome. The other canoe was experiencing control issues. The sun set so Steph and I canoed back in but we couldn’t find the other boat anywhere. It was pitch black out so we were a little concerned.

They made it in finally for dinner, which was excellent. We had pasta with garlic goat cheese, zucchini, mushrooms and bacon sauce. I love traveling with foodies.


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