Ganges and Beddis Beach

Centennial Park, Ganges

Ganges Market

really good cheese at Ganges Market

Saturday morning we headed down to the infamous market at Ganges, which I would imagine would be a pretty happening place in the summer.

It’s a bit early for a lot of local produce to be available yet but we picked up lots of cheese, some bean sprouts, mushrooms and a big loaf of grainy bread.

Mye obsessed over a really cool mug that she found and eventually bought, but it was torture getting to that point. I had hoped to find some interesting wool there because there are several farms, spinners and dyers on the island but no such luck.

No one consented to being dragged to the yarn store so I didn’t go. We were running out of time anyways. The girls had booked spa treatments for the afternoon so we headed back to our cabin.

Beddis Beach

While the girls were away, Wesley and I walked down to Beddis Beach. It seems to be the place where the locals walk their dogs. While I was looking for shells a lady approached me with a daschund and asked me what I was looking for. She said that sometimes she found agates on the beach. I told her that I’d found a bunch of jaspers. She gave me a handful of stones and we parted ways.

Beddis Beach


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  1. tammy Says:

    Mmmmmm, cheese. I’ve never been to Ganges, it looks gorgeous. If you’re ever over in Sechelt, have a look at the Fibre Works Studio. Very cool, lots of yarn & fibre, cute dogs, and hey, YURTS!

  2. erin Says:

    Oh wow, that looks really cool!

  3. A Strange Boy Says:

    I’m really digging these pictures…some great shots.

  4. erin Says:


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