Onward, to Salt Spring!

Swartz Bay

clouds breaking

The beginning of our trip was plagued with logistical problems as plans changed intentionally and unintentionally, no one really seemed to know what was going on.

Wesley and I ended up leaving early. We wanted to take a different route to the island and then walk to where we were staying. That was the plan. I made a mistake with the bus schedule that cost us valuable time. We missed our ferry and consequently spent a lot of time hanging out in ferry terminals.

Fulford Harbour

By the time we got there it was pitch black. “You really want to walk?” I asked, “there are no streetlights.” Turns out we didn’t have to walk though. Shortly after we started walking up the street a nice couple wearing Norwegian sweaters stopped and offered us a ride.

They were really nice. The lady told us all the horror stories about wild animals on the island. Apparently someone was trying to raise giant frogs for frog legs at some point but gave up on the venture and released them into the wild where now they roam free and terrorize small children who have to take the compost out.

Some of the deer are also pretty aggressive. One rammed a guy on a scooter one day and he really hurt his knee.

From where they dropped us off, it was a short walk through the dark to find where we were staying. The owners were asleep so they’d left us a handwritten note on the door telling us how to find our cabin.

And now we get to the real reason why I wanted to get there early: I love hiding in places so that I can jump out at people and startle them. Wesley and I hung out in the cabin for a few hours before everyone else was supposed to arrive then stashed all our stuff in a bedroom and carefully put all the furniture back the way it had been when we arrived.

We speculated as to where they could be and how long it would take for them to get there. Our phones got zero reception so we could only hope that they’d gotten on a ferry. We began to calculate the time they would arrive down to the second, thinking up variables… revising… revising… We were bored and we didn’t have a TV.

Finally I heard a car door slam and we hid in a bedroom. A couple minutes later they entered the cabin, sounding very confused that we weren’t there. We jumped out of the room and they shrieked in a way I found most satisfying.


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