Writing papers

Things are kind of quiet over here right now. I’m a little bogged down with some school work, and planning to run off to Saltspring next week where I will be sans internet and electronics for a while. I’ll take lots of pictures though, so you can expect them sometime next week.

I’m writing a paper. First things were:

status report: erin v. paper from hell

And then they were:

status report: erin v. paper from hell

And then words started to come. This is always how it works. It may surprise some people that I’m a very slow thinker. When I’m writing papers, I have to gather all the information together and ideally sit around doing nothing for a couple weeks. It’s kind of like composting. You throw all the stuff in and then you just have to let it do it’s thing.

Sometimes it takes time, but it always works.

Sure, they tell you to write a thesis statement or an outline and then research around it or to start writing early, but with me this is an exercise in futility. Crappy words get written down that never survive the edit. No point.

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