Security questions


We’ve been hearing stories about a scam where someone phones you claiming to be from a hospital or something and asking you to wire money to them to help out your family member who is out of the country. A lot of people fall for this, apparently, because they panic, it’s an emergency, their loved one is in another country.

People suggest that you should have a code word or a security question to ensure that you’re sending money to the right person. Sounds like a good idea to me, seeing as we’re shipping my sister off to Fiji for a couple months.

All the standard ones are boring. I get tired of reciting my mother’s maiden name and my dad’s middle name and the city my high school was in. I do this fairly often with the Visa company because my mom is forever accidentally putting payments on my card instead of her own and then I have to call to sort it out. *

So consequently we started coming up with new, more interesting ones:

What is Erin’s super special nickname for her cat Lou?

Which papier mache animal did Erin take as her carry-on baggage through the Calgary International Airport?

What am I referring to when I say the phrase “black butter”?

And speaking of butter, what is the ideal kind to pair with myzythra cheese?

How long did One-Eyed Riley the fish live?

Erin spent her 16th birthday in a hardware store. Why was she there?

Who was Alfonso and what disability did he have?

If you know the answers to all these questions, feel to extort money from me to your heart’s content.


* No, my mom does not pay my Visa bill. It’s a long story involving my sister owing me money and my mom owing her a similar amount so she made a payment on my account online and we called it even. Now that she’s set up to pay on my Visa online, she sometimes clicks the wrong box and then I end up with a couple thousand dollar credit on my account and I have to phone the company and explain what went wrong. This seems to happen every couple months.

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