Weekend recap

BC Rock and Gem Show

This week has thrown one thing after another at me, some planned, others unplanned that have eaten up time that I had set aside for working on a paper that in spite of my best efforts is just not taking shape.

Beyond that, I spent today at the BC Rock and Gem Show. It was pretty much the same as it is every year, though gradually a lot of the exhibitors are getting younger and the population of the old rockhounds, the grandparently people that always reminded me of my grandparents, is thinning out.

There was some interesting work in the display cases but overall I didn’t see much that really excited me this year. My ever-tightening belt meant I walked out without really spending any money, except for buying a couple new bristle sanding discs which should be fun to use.

Before that I also spent some time at the Reel 2 Real Film Festival which is on until the end of this coming week. I’m not entirely sure why I don’t mention this organization more. I think it’s that I have a complicated relationship with my blog where I want to tell the world about all the wonderful things I do but sometimes I write stuff on here that makes me uncomfortable about outing myself.

Anyways, it’s a cool little organization that I’ve been involved in for a very long time.

My other cat, Lou, is lonely without Sal around. She’s been fussing a lot. The other morning she fussed until my mom put some milk down for her, but she didn’t drink it. She never drinks milk in the morning; Sally does. Lou’s kind of autistic. She doesn’t like this change to her routine and it freaks her out. They’ve been talking about getting another cat.

BC Rock and Gem Show

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