Pudding eggs

pudding eggs

It’s Easter! That means it’s time for pudding eggs, affectionately known in our house as little balls of shit. The recipe was torn out of a magazine in the early 90s and has dwelled in the bottom of my mom’s recipe box ever since. The photo shows some rather beautiful looking truffles with smooth coats of chocolate, piped-on designs in alternating colours of chocolate, sprinkles, sugar rosettes…

Yeah, I don’t know how they make them look like that. Every time we make them at home they just look like turds.

The best flavour is pistachio with a chocolate coating. Now I find them a little too sweet for my taste, but it doesn’t really stop me from eating a lot of them the one time of year they get made.

For the past week one of my roommates has been asking me all sorts of technical questions about Christian practices around this time of year. I keep telling her that I’m not Christian so I don’t know but this doesn’t seem to register with her so she keeps asking.

Stat holidays are always for yardwork. Around Easter time that means turning over beds in the garden and adding manure. There’s not much difference between Easter and any other stat holiday, except for maybe the pudding eggs.

pudding eggs

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