One of Wesley’s favourite hobbies is stalking people on Facebook, checking through pictures, looking at people’s friends, finding things out. On the one hand this is creepy but on the other, if people put their info out there then what’s wrong with looking at it?

Today I was working on a paper when he arrived at my door and told me that there was something that I had to see that had totally blown his mind. Was it that his hair was standing up? I asked. He had been wearing the hood of his hoodie earlier and there were several large chunks of hair on his head that defied gravity. It made him look as shocked and amazed as he sounded.

He said that no, it was that he was looking at people’s photos on Facebook and he had come across one that was taken in our kitchen.

And so it was! It was someone who we used to go to school with, and who I used to be in dance school with. We checked through all her photos and found one of her in what is unmistakably our bathroom. Crazy!

So he messaged her and found out that apparently she lived in our suite before we did.

She said we should probably put out ant traps now…


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