Brush up your Shakespeare

I was sitting on the Skytrain on my way home from school when a guy sat down beside me and leaned in toward me to look at my book.

Him: To be or not to be… What are you reading?

Me: It’s about copyright law.

Him: For school?

Me: No, for fun.

Him: So like to be or not to be.

Me: Not really.

Him: What do you like reading? Like novels or fantasy or science-fiction or…

Me: I like non-fiction.

Him: … I like Shakespeare, like to be or not to be from Romeo and Juliet.

I think if you’re going to misquote Shakespeare you should probably do it with quotes from plays that no-one’s read, like Cymbeline or Richard III, not the two most famous ones that get read to death in high schools worldwide.

But I don’t know, that’s just me.

4 Responses to “Brush up your Shakespeare”

  1. mooncalf Says:

    No-one’s read Richard III!!! We read it all the damn time here in the UK.

    Now is the winter of our discontent etc etc…

    Wasn’t there a film version that did quite well? With thingybob in..?

  2. tammy Says:

    Wow, and you let him get away? Just think of the scintillating dinner conversations, the love letters, perhaps…dare I say…love poems written just for you! Phew. Makes my brain hurt. LOL.

  3. Abby Says:

    When I think of that song, I think of that Aiden kid from our dance school, whose mother kept making him do song and dance numbers.

  4. erin Says:

    @mooncalf: I don’t think the histories get read all that often in North America, at least not in high school.

    @tammy I know, what a keeper, eh? This is why I’m single. I just don’t notice the good ones even when they’re in front of me.

    @Abby: I watched this video extra times to try and replace that version with this version in my head.

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