Parental road trip saga continued…


Continuing on from this post.

Midway’s nice, but it’s in the middle of nowhere. The tow truck arrived in the morning to take them to Penticton, where the nearest GM dealership was. It was then that they found out that GM had issued a warning about defective ignitions nine days earlier and that this had been the second case brought into that particular dealership that day.

It would take several days to fix. On the phone the rental company staff were incredulous. Surely they were just putting the key into the ignition wrong. It didn’t really matter though. They’d made arrangements to deal with the car, leaving the parental unit stuck in Penticton.

It just so happens that this weekend was the Penticton Iron Man, which meant that there was zero accommodation, no rental vehicles and no taxis available anywhere in town. The parents didn’t want to stick around for very long.

The rental company wasn’t offering any solutions to the problem so they booked a flight home with Air Canada at ridiculous expense. After the tickets were booked, they were informed that another rental car was waiting for them in Kelowna… if they could get there. Too little too late.

That’s where Du and I come in. They apparently had too many souvenirs on their persons to be able to take the Canada line so we were to drive out to rescue them from the airport.

We wandered around the terminals while we waited and berated them in absentia. Of all the flights they could have taken, they just had to take the one that was delayed. If they’d flown from Regina it would have been on time, and the ones from Toronto and Winnipeg were early.

We only had to wait about half an hour though. That was a good thing because if I had spent any more time at YVR I probably would have done or said something horribly inappropriate. Something about the security cameras and the uniformed people everywhere really brings out the stupid in me.

The car was tail-ended a month ago, so we can’t get the trunk open. Getting four bodies and all their luggage crammed inside made for an awkward trip home in which many limbs fell asleep, making it even more awkward to fall out of the vehicle at the end.

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