Chameleon at the Bourbon



There is a little Santa toy that has been floating around the house for the past few weeks. He has a pull cord and he shakes his head when you pull it. It drives the cat nuts, which is pretty much the only way it gets used, other than Wesley’s chatroulette experiment.

Late last night we were being silly and decided that maybe he should keep Santa in his breast pocket during his band’s show. The result was a lot of pictures that I’ll probably post tomorrow.

We laughed about it a lot at the time but I don’t think I actually expected him to do it. If you look closely you can see it in the second picture.

Mary-Lee, Mye and I stopped for dinner at Nuba beforehand and shared a bottle of wine so when I got to the show I was feeling kind of sleepy and not really in the mood to take pictures. Luckily the lighting was pretty decent so I didn’t have to take very many to get a few I was happy with.


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