Plenty of fish

One of my roommates has just discovered online dating. This is something that he has never previously ventured into before because he has a pretty awesome girlfriend who he’s been with for a long time.

No, he’s not cheating on his girlfriend. He just likes looking at what guys put on their profiles and has been a little obsessed with finding us all boyfriends. A couple of weeks ago he came up with a shopping list of characteristics for a guy for Mye and then asked for some of my input. From there on, I guess he kind of made up a shopping list for me. I’m kind of intrigued as to what he thinks but I don’t really want to encourage him.

Today he’s been busily trawling through profiles, and choosing guys he thinks are interesting for our other roommate who has been into the online dating thing for years. So far the results are inconclusive as to whether he is a born matchmaker or not.

“Hey, this stuff is fun!” he said. Sure, it’s fun if you’re not feeling really lonely and don’t have to deal with lots of creepy male attention or good male inattention or actually going out on the dates. He approaches it kind of like a tourist: fly in, have fun, withdraw with no strings attached.

He’s been trying to convince me that I should also sign up on a site so that he can find a bunch of random people for me. I keep saying no, but it will be a while before he gives up.

A couple of our roommates provide so much entertainment to us that we call their lives ‘shows’ and try to figure out where the writers are trying to go with the plot after they’ve gone to bed. No doubt there’s also an Erin Show that I don’t hear about and this is part of it.


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