Olympics, day 6

drum band in the sky

band on the ground

I was waiting on Granville Island for a friend so that we could go see some shows. I went to visit the CODE exhibits at Emily Carr. I didn’t have a long time to explore there because I heard some loud drumming outside. It was a drum band hanging in the sky!

After that we saw Karkwa:


Porn Flakes with a whole lot of guest singers that I didn’t recognise because I’m not a francophone:

Porn Flakes

After Porn Flakes our group had grown substantially and we were all freezing so we went and saw Radio Radio at Performance Works. I thought I took pictures of them but apparently I didn’t.


After that point it became one of those nights where you’re with a bunch of people who can’t make up their minds as to whether they want sausage and beer at the German tent or poutine at the opposite end of the downtown core, so a lot of wandering ensues and you don’t end up with either.


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