New blog. Ish.

I have this indecisiveness that gnaws at me almost constantly, causing me to second guess pretty much everything I do.  It was inevitable that eventually it would cause me to pull the plug on my own blog.  By the time I let my old blog die, it had 1339 posts spanning 4 years.  It wasn’t my first blog, but it was definitely the one I put the most time and effort into.  It occupied a pretty important place in my life.

I’ve always been adamant that my blog is just for me.  It’s to help me remember things and sort stuff out and record the mundane.  It’s always given me a place to throw things out, see it written down.

Its’ content ran the whole gamut – much of it mundane but some of it hilarious, bizarre, deep, painfully sad.  I threw a lot out there and was lucky enough to have some great readers who stuck in there and read it all.

But I’m nothing, if not an introvert.  As some people have found out, I can be a very hard person to get to know.  I keep my thoughts to myself, reserve my judgement and I don’t really like it when people know what I’m thinking unless I want them to know.

I think my blog has always served an important function there.  I say things online that I just wouldn’t say in person.  It’s not that they’re horribly private or would get me into trouble.  It’s easier to tell things to random strangers without fear of reprisal, even if it’s about something that shouldn’t matter, like the music that you like.

But when people you actually know start reading, it changes a lot.  I’ve never really posted anything to my blog that would incriminate me or that would get me fired or burn a lot of bridges.  But nevertheless, I began to second-guess everything, which killed the spontaneity and the routine at a time when school picked up, things got busy and I was still dealing with the fallout from 2008, which was without question the worst year of my life.  I had a lot to say that just couldn’t end up on the internet and my blog fizzled.

But the fact is that there are a lot of things that I write down that I’d never post online.  Everything that makes it online goes through that initial filter, so is it so bad that people read?

So whatever, if you’re reading, read on if you wish.

I’ve finally decided to self-host and move to WordPress, because it just seems so much more grown-up.  It gives me a little more freedom to do whatever I want.  I was tired of being on blogspot.  I didn’t like that Haloscan was sneaking little ads into my blog either.  I’m not completely adverse to having ads on my blog, but I do know that if I ever do, I want to have control over what shows up.

As always, this will likely be mostly a personal blog where I throw out whatever I’m thinking along with photos I’ve taken that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the text.  I’m not a big fan of forcing myself into niches.  People try to do that to you enough without you having to do it yourself.

The name… has a long story behind it. Maybe I’ll share it sometime.


3 Responses to “New blog. Ish.”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I was thinking about you and your blog the other day and wondered whatever would become of it all. I am glad that you have chosen to continue on.

    Look forward to reading as usual.

  2. erin Says:

    Thanks Kevin!

  3. Chris Says:

    I’m very glad you decided to continue on. I’ve always enjoyed your blog, and I’m happy to say it was one of a few that inspired me to start a blog. I’m happy you’re back. ;)

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