LiveCity Yaletown

LiveCity Yaletown

Attempt number two of getting into LiveCity Yaletown was a success! I don’t remember what time we got there but it was really early, enough for us to catch the entire set of the band before Malajube. I don’t remember what they were called – something Acadian.

In between sets they showed speedskating footage and the medal ceremony for Alexandre Bilodeau.

Alexandre Bilodeau

We moved up and there were some nice guys who let us in, but already the crowd was getting really rowdy. People had come to see Matisyahu afterward. They weren’t the least bit interested in listening to Malajube, weren’t listening and seemed to be more interested in smoking up and pushing eachother around.

One guy accused me of punching him and proceeded to get in my face. He was twice my size and had been stepping on and elbowing me for some time. It wasn’t really worth arguing about so we moved back. The crowd didn’t improve when Malajube started to play. They’re an awesome band. It’s too bad that no one was listening, and that really detracted from the performance.

Malajube @ LiveCity Yaletown

I’m all for diversity and stuff, but I’m I don’t see why they pair bands that are so different for a free show. People know that they have to arrive several hours early to be able to get in, so why not pair up bands that are similar that the audience is likely to like?


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