Day 4, in and out of pavilions

Russky Dom

I dragged Abby downtown to see Malajube play at LiveCity Yaletown, but before the concert started we decided to check out a couple of the pavilions that have sprung up around False Creek.

The first we tried was Russky Dom, AKA Sochi House. It’s supposed to be the home of the Russian team and a showcase of the 2014 venue for the winter Olympics. The bottom floor had some interesting things in it, like a giant model of the venues and terrain in Sochi and some clowns doing some comically bad magic tricks.

giant model of Sochi's Olympic venues

Krasnodar Region

Russian clowns

playing hockey on the interactive floor at Russky Dom

While walking around on the first floor I realized that one of the floors was interactive, so I played hockey with some kids for a while. That was probably the coolest part in the entire pavilion.

Upstairs had a bunch of corporate displays staffed by bored looking hot models and a couple of very sleek, modern looking lounges and bars open to VIPs only.

empty bar at Russky Dom

Overall, not that exciting. I think the most interesting part of the whole thing was the way they had completely transformed the interior of Science World.

Next was Maison du Quebec, which was less exciting. Inside there was a restaurant that they were turning people away from. There was a stage that you could only really access from the restaurant. Outside of that there was a little booth serving $10 microbrewed beer from Quebec. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I kind of expected… more? It’s a huge province with a lot of cool stuff in it.

Abby wasn’t keen on Saskatchewan House so we skipped it. Unfortunately, I’m now hearing that it’s the most interesting one to visit so I may have to go back.

4D Ontario

Ontario House claims to have a 4D movie. I’m intrigued but we didn’t have time to check it out because there was a huge line. There was no line for the other half of the house though so that’s where we went. Inside they were serving Ontario-themed food. We both ordered some beers and then watched the huge LCD screens on the walls.

The three on the end showed the current weather conditions in Toronto, Ottawa and Niagara Falls with live webcams. It was pretty exciting to watch the CN Tower just sit there, doing it’s thing. Not to be outdone, the buildings in Ottawa were also pretty motionless. Not even a goose flew by. It was kind of like watching the film Caché, minus the dead roosters. Pretty riveting stuff.

On the adjacent wall, there was another screen showing medical breakthroughs made in Ontario. I must say that watching animated angioplasties and seeing pieces of diseased body parts in kidney dishes really added to my beer-drinking experience.


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  1. Abby Says:

    You didn’t drag me out. I was the one who suggested Malajube.

  2. erin Says:

    You’re so picky.

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