This always seems to happen.


We’re in Rock Creek, they said, we’re at the gas station and the car won’t start.

This used to happen all the time. We’d go on a road trip somewhere and then suddenly something about our vehicle would screw up. The headlights wouldn’t work, or the heat when it was snowing or it would just break down.

The most expensive time was when they were in the interior and the transmission in the van died. They had to take a Greyhound bus home, rent a car here and then have the van towed all the way into Vancouver from Trail before they could get the transmission replaced.

That was the last straw. No more using our own vehicle for trips!

But rental vehicles aren’t really much better. That’s why they phoned us from Rock Creek. They needed phone numbers and information and someone with an internet connection.

They finally got a hold of the rental company which is replacing the car tomorrow. Finding accommodation isn’t so easy. Rock Creek’s four motel rooms have been booked solid all summer by BC Fire Service. There are a couple rooms over the bar, but the tow truck driver informed them that they did NOT want to stay there.

So… Midway it is! It’s equally as in the middle of nowhere, which is to say slightly larger than Rock Creek but further away from any community of a reasonable size. They called ahead to the motel there and a kindly woman with a British accent answered, and told them that she could find them a room.

When they arrived, there was nothing anywhere to eat so the hotel’s restaurant reopened to make them some sandwiches. Good small town service.

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