The chimney suite

the best one!

The tenants at my parents’ house moved out about a week ago, which has provided the sudden opportunity for all the renovations that have been talked about for years. When we first moved into the house we discovered how draughty and cold it was. We completely redid the basement with new, better insulation, vapour barriers and double-paned windows and the difference was very noticeable, both in the way the rooms feel and the gas bill. But because there were people living upstairs we never got to retrofit it like we wanted to.

Not to mention, the upstairs bathroom has an avocado green bathtub and a pink toilet. It’s terrible.

The parents are now in the process of gutting the top floor. The first thing to go this week has been the ugly fireplace in the livingroom. As dad was ripping it apart, he found some gaps in the mortar between the bricks through which the above photo must have fallen in. As he pulled more bricks away, he found a small collection of ephemera from some of the previous owners of the house, including a fold-out wooden ruler, family photos, hockey cards and an expired Visa card. I posted pictures here.

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