Finally a real gig!


My roommate’s band played at the Backstage Lounge the other night. I probably should have taken my camera but I didn’t. Maybe that was a good thing. There was a professional photographer there that was entirely more hardcore than I am, laying on the floor and in general looking super cool.

Their set was delayed because they had to wait until the play in the theatre next door was finished. Some people from the cast of Smallville were watching a play at the theatre next door. Marcus wandered over during the intermission to tell Allison Mack that he was in a band.

“Have you ever had tater tot nachos? They’re pretty awesome,” Justin said. Behind him his girlfriend pursed her lips and shook her head at me. “They’re like regular nachos but you make them with tater tots and it’s all greasy… I’ve only had them twice. One day I had them and then the next day I had them again and then I asked myself why I fill my body with shit like that.”

Wesley leaned in to me. “We changed our sound,” he said, “we’re a noise band now.”

“Good,” I said, “I like noise.”

“No, really… It’s like random noise.”

He wasn’t joking. Their set started out with some random metallic-sounding screeching that seemed to catch a bunch of people off guard. I laughed my head off. His parents winced a little.

But then after that, it went back to being more or less their usual set with some shoegazey stuff that eventually turned into more uptempo rocky stuff that got people dancing.

There was a particularly fun drunk guy behind me that kept saying stuff like “I love these guys!” and “I love songs that speed up at the end. I love these guys!”

A few of us stayed for the second set but by the end it was getting dangerously close to the time when transit stops so we ran for the Skytrain. The train’s a pretty interesting place at that time of night.

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