gravers and awls and such

I’ll let you in on a thing I’ve been obsessing about for a few years now. In the basement of the parkhouse we had a little jewelry workshop. I used to be pretty good at cutting stones and just about the time I was starting to learn silversmithing we had to move without a lot of notice.

We moved into a substantially smaller place and everything’s been a chaotic mess ever since. Over time priorities have changed and a lot of things have been neglected. I inquired a while ago about the tools and supplies and was told that I could do whatever I wanted with them. I just never had the time, it was all a mess and I needed some handholding that I never got.

The beauty of being on sabbatical is that suddenly I have the time. I signed up for some classes at VCC to get me started and I’m really happy about it.

I spent some time out in the shop on Saturday collecting some tools to take to class with me. While I was out there, my parents had the good sense to forget I was there, lock me out of the house and leave for several hours. Luckily I managed to find a spare key in the carport, but the whole event had me very confused, because the parental unit had not been at home at the time that I had decided to go out to the shop. The cat wasn’t all that happy about being locked out either.

Spring is here! In my parents’ yard the bulbs are sprouting out of the ground. Maybe they’ll be flowering by the time the Olympics start. I took a picture that I’m going to send to my uncle. He moved to Ontario in the ’60s and keeps insisting that it’s better there than it is here. This has been a source of friendly rivalry between him and my dad for many years.

Sure, Ontario’s nice, but on Saturday I ate my lunch in the sun in the garden. It’s the middle of January and I didn’t even need to wear socks.

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