I’ve been slowly nursing the plant in my room back to health. Like the rest of my plants it was quite happy in my old apartment, but the move out to my parents’ house took it’s toll. Two thirds of my plants died and the rest were just sickly. I brought two out here with me and they’ve both perked up a little.

It was doing alright but it had a bit of a setback over Christmas while I was away. But now with a bit of regular watering it’s got three new leaves ready to unfurl.

I’m measuring time in these little victories these days.

I’m on sabbatical. I say that because it sounds better than saying I’m doing nothing. You go on a sabbatical because you need to refresh yourself, recharge, try something new. There’s something very deliberate and professional-sounding about the word. I name it as if I can give my time off meaning just by assigning it a meaningful word.

That’s all reality is, anyways, senses, experiences given meaning through language.

The truth is that I haven’t got the foggiest idea what I am doing. I was feeling burnt out. Things were eating at me. I put my tail between my legs and I ran.

And now I have no job, no plan. I’m hemorrhaging money. But suddenly I can sleep at night, and I sleep all the way through. Suddenly I’m waking up in the morning feeling awake. I have things bouncing around in my head. I’m in control.

I’m just floating in the air, waiting for some wind.

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  1. tammy Says:

    Sleeping through the night is one of the sweetest things in the world. Be like your wee plant and just get stronger and grow some new leaves. :)

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  3. erin Says:

    That’s my plan. :)

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