Bridal Falls


Bridal Veil Falls is one of those little touristy things that we’ve always seemed to pass over. For years we used to drive to the Okanagan twice a month, but I haven’t seen a lot of the things to see on the way.

The view from the official viewpoint is nice, but it’s not the one you find in old postcards from the 40s, which seems to be a lot closer to the falls.


There’s actually a trail that leads up to what was previously the viewpoint. Presumably there was an observation deck there, but only some concrete footings and a bit of twisted metal remains. I guess it must have washed out a couple years ago.

Though no longer maintained, the trail is a lot easier and safer than the steeper, unstable slope people let their kids play on. No one particularly cares about the no trespassing sign.


One of the main rules you learn in rockhounding is that more often than not, no trespassing signs placed in the middle of nowhere are in place more for liability reasons than to prohibit entry. If you get hurt, you understand that it’s your own fault and don’t sue. It was a commonsense attitude spawned from my grandparents’ generation, before society got ridiculously litigious and liability-obsessed.

Needless to say, in spite of wearing horribly impractical shoes, I got really close. Like everyone else.


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