Installing a router, and other fun

The francophones are back and I’m glad. It’s too quiet and empty in here while they’re gone. Everyone’s settling back into their new routines for the new year and the WII that magically appeared in our livingroom is getting regular use.

The cat has gone back to normal. We no longer quietly orbit around eachother in the dark. I don’t see her quite as much as I did, but when I do it’s usually because she’s leapt from out of nowhere to grab my ass. We’re both lucky that she doesn’t have any claws.

On the home front, my mom became paranoid that other people were using our wireless network. It has a password but apparently someone showed up on the network that was not supposed to be there.

No big deal. I went in and changed the password, like I did last time. Predictably, this dumped everyone off the network, just like the last time I did this. I then changed the password in the keychain on my computer… and it didn’t work at all.

Originally when I set up the network, there was a desktop computer wired directly into the router, and I used it to administer the network. But since that computer has gone to the Great Semiconductor in the Sky, everything’s been completely wireless since then. I figured that if I could only find an ethernet cable to plug my computer in, I could fix the password issue and everything would be good.

In some momentary lapse of reason at some point, someone decided that it would be a good idea to get rid of every single ethernet cable we owned. This realization led us on a late-night computer accessory shopping trip that yielded, in spite of my objections, a brand new router.

It’s shiny and pretty and all the correct lights flash, but I’ll be damned if I could get it to allow any of our computers to get onto the internet without being plugged in. Technology can be fickle sometimes.

Seems like they’ve figured it out today though.

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