Tuesday purgatory

The weather was indecisive today. It was supposed to rain but the clouds hung oppressively without doing anything. The sun tried to poke through without much luck. It was neither hot nor cold, but cool enough that we kept all the windows closed.

Closed windows – always a bad sign. The atmosphere was oppressive as if winter was just around the corner, SAD is in the wings and the melancholy began to set in.

We found a name for it – Tuesday purgatory.

We began to brainstorm ways we could change this and settled on cake. A good, dense, sugary cake, like a carrot cake. With sparklers.

But immediately after we had settled on this plan, we were faced with the realization that though there are many bakeries near where we work, they’re all Chinese, and Chinese bakeries do not produce the kind of good, comfort food baking that we craved.

After further discussion, we resigned ourselves to cookies instead and I set off on my quest. I had a hunch though… My spidey senses were tingling and they led me to VCC where the culinary arts program operates a super cheap bakery full of student-produced food.

By total fluke, it was carrot cake day. They had nine inch square carrot cakes on for $5.50 and not much of anything else.

Nothing cheers you up like walking 16 blocks downtown with nothing but a cake in your hands, and knowing that it’s going to cheer everyone else up when you get back. I developed a spring in my step and by the time I got back I was practically skipping.

We were unable to procure any sparklers so we substituted question mark candles in a colour that can only be described as clown barf. In retrospect, that was entirely appropriate for Tuesday purgatory. It was really good carrot cake, and the perfect excuse for an impromptu staff social. $5.50 well spent.

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