Obligatory holiday family activities

This year the family braved the wilderness of Ikea to buy a tree, but when they got there, they found that the stock was severely depleted. They picked the biggest one they could find, a little thing that pitches over and leans against the wall as if drunk.

It was so small it didn’t leave streaks across the ceiling when they put it up. The decorations we have are not going to fit. I just hope I can dig out my favourites before it fills up.

Went for the annual visit with Santa at the mall. I’m really fond of that Santa. He’s been there for years and years and he’s quite a nice man. Some years we talk about capitalism or kindness or whatever. This year it was about the value of play. Santa is the best. He really is.

At the obligatory family Christmas dinner we reverted to the old standby – Chinese. Abby made dinosaur cupcakes for desert.

The cousins were reasonably well behaved. They’re getting a lot better these days. They had to tell us all about what they’re doing in Brownies and mostly sat still and ate while there was food on the table.

Grandma seemed to be in a reasonably good mood, but the moment the kids were away, she began to complain about them like she always does. Apparently they are hellions that are going to jail and are totally unsalvageable. Meh.

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