Come to my birthday party, Alex said, I’m playing a show at the Rickshaw. He invited a couple hundred people, someone else asked if they could play a set and then a few other people asked and suddenly there were ten or eleven different groups on the list, including my roommate’s band. He called the event a clusterfolk because most of the artists were folky sounding.

It was all good, though, because the music was all good. Makes me a little disappointed that I came late.

My roommates spent a lot of time getting dressed up and pretty so we ended up heading downtown kind of late. I felt really underdressed in comparison, but it was raining and icy out so I put on an extra cardigan.

“You can take your jackets in with you,” they said as we went in.

Well, I would have been so pissed off if I’d checked my coat. It was freezing. We walked in to find that everyone inside was swaddled in their cowichan sweaters and toques. My beer turned my hands into twin blocks of ice.

Skye Wallace

Marcus found me shortly after I arrived. “Are you wiping your nose because it’s cold in here?” he asked.


“They have a furnace but it hasn’t been turned on since 1884.”

I headed upstairs to the washroom. At the top there was a hallway and a black door that wasn’t marked with anything so I went in and found myself standing in a huge puddle on the floor. Closer inspection revealed urinals.

I thought heh, coed bathroom, but then decided to see if there was another one. There was! It didn’t have urinals and was marginally cleaner! You could see your breath though.

happy birthday to you!

Alex was busy being an awesome host, hugging everyone as they came in, and roaming around the crowd trying to get people excited about the music. I was sad to not see more people there though. The music was quite good but with the cold and without a big crowd it was kind of hard to achieve the festive atmosphere that I think he’d hoped to have. You can’t really blame him for having his birthday on a Monday night in the middle of exams.

I had a good time though, and I finally got to see my roommate’s band play.

My photos from the night are mostly bad.

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