It’s funny how I’ll go quite some time without really being able to accomplish anything or to focus on school and then suddenly I’ll bang out 2-3000 words in a sitting.

I think I have to sort it out subconsciously first, otherwise I’m wasting my time trying to write. I stick the information in there and then it has to ferment untouched a little. And once it’s all sorted out, papers like to spring nearly fully formed from my brain.

That’s been my day today. Productive, but not particularly exciting.

I’ve been working on a reference for a friend. It came as a form full of questions to fill out but it’s obvious from the way they’re written that it’s supposed to be used by someone in a phone interview. I really wish they’d phoned me instead. I overthink things when I write them down so it’s taking me ten times as long to say that she’s reliable, creative and I would trust her around kids.

It doesn’t help that the questions are kind of repetitive so I feel the need to say the same things over but worded differently. I kind of wish that I had a bit of time to let it sit on the back burner so I will have something magically brilliant to say.

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