Group work

perpetually flooded

We were supposed to get a lot of work done tonight but I had the presence of mind to be late. It was my fault, mostly. I left a couple minutes later than I should have and somehow when you’re taking transit five minutes can compound itself into an hour and fifteen.

Shortly after we moved in, it was discovered that the sheer volume of wine consumed weekly in our suite is rather impressive. In order to cut costs, it was decided that we would just bottle our own. The francophones placed the order and it was delivered today. Thirty bottles of something white, dry and fruity tasting.

It called for a toast in the kitchen, which turned into the recounting of drunk stories. The liquor laws and attitudes are far more lax in Quebec than they are here, so it made for some pretty good ones.

By the time I ran out to catch my bus it was nowhere to be found. I was soon to discover that Translink had decided to send me off on some strange, counter-intuitive route to my destination, definitely not the one I would have chosen had I had the sense to second-guess the computer.

The problem with the next stop announcements on the bus is that they give me a false sense of security. I get on a bus I’ve never been on before and just assume that the name of the street I want is going to be called. So because of that I’ll wait that much longer to get off and backtrack because I’m still holding out hope that my stop is coming up.

I arrived finally. No one had really started working because they were trying to load SPSS on a dinosaur of a PC. While this was happening, Sense and Sensibility was on TV. Some of my group members were arguing over whether it was Hugh Grant or Hugh Laurie they saw and the modern day diagnoses of the illnesses you read about in Victorian novels and then we started looking up youtube videos of Cathie Jung, the lady with the world’s smallest waist, which turned into various rants about fashion, body image and why healthy looking never seems to be in style.

All of this was sort-of appropriate, I guess. After all, we’re looking at images of women in the news. But after that we all got tired, lost steam, ate Chinese bakery danishes filled with something custardy that was definitely not custard and went home.



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