Late nights with Erin

So, suddenly it is 3am and I am still up. I’m not quite sure what I do that sucks time at this time of day. All I know is that I’m not tired at all and the time always goes by really fast.

I start reading things and then half the night is over. Maybe you know how it is. It’s like mining. You hit a good vein and then you follow it until it ends. You learn lots of interesting useless things that bounce around your head like quicksilver and then eventually percolate out during a conversation with some hapless individual.

And if you’re lucky, peoples’ eyes won’t glaze over and you won’t subject yourself to that tickertape at the bottom of your consciousness that reads

…you’ve done it again…you’ve bored another one…..damn… you’ve done it again… they’re bored out of their skull….abort conversation…..

And now it’s 4:30. I’ve been distracted by something and I’m reading what I wrote above this point and questioning my choice of words but I’m going to leave it all and plunge onward because I can already tell there’s no way to salvage this into a profoundly interesting and insightful post.

Somehow I’ve managed to aggravate my back again. The old knot just below my left shoulder has tightened up. It occurred to me quite some time ago that since this injury has been bothering me since 2003 it’s probably never going to go away. And since it’s here to stay, I think it needs a name. This is going to bug me until I think of something suitable. Any ideas?

There’s a carnation in a little jar of water right beside my computer. It was sitting on an empty seat on the bus the other day. I stuffed it into my hair on my way out and now it’s sitting on my desk. The cat seems to like it. She’s licked the petals a bunch of times but it doesn’t seem to be the worse for wear.

Did I tell you I’m doing nablopomo? Well, it’s the reason I’m cheating by backdating this post. I haven’t gone to bed yet so it sort of counts.

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