Reasons you should learn Latin

You can learn it by rote. Seriously, how many things these days are learned by rote? It’s a unique and tedious experience that should not be missed.

It makes you sound smart and cultured. People think that Latin is somehow a difficult and prestigious language to learn so it gets you brownie points.

Forever afterward you will seethe with annoyance when your profs pronounce Latin phrases wrong in class.

You will be able to tell when people use Latin phrases to make themselves sound good without actually knowing what they mean, and that will give you a well-deserved feeling of superiority.

Because English grammar makes a lot more sense after you learn it.

Because after you learn Latin, every other language seems ridiculously simple. That way you can jump with confidence into other random useless languages, like Norwegian. Norsk er et utrolig lett språk, ja.

You can read the Vulgate Bible and come to the realization that it’s just as dry as the English version.

The books look cool on your bookshelf.

You will come across new words in English you have never seen before and magically know what they mean.

Your ability to cheat at Scrabble will be greatly enhanced because you can make up words that seem like they should really be words.

6 Responses to “Reasons you should learn Latin”

  1. Abby Says:

    Yeah, except we all know that you make up words.

  2. mooncalf Says:

    ALL TOTALLY TRUE. Dammit why don’t more people learn Latin? It is genuinely the most useful thing I learnt in school.

    You also get to follow the amazing adventures of Quintus (on the Cambridge Latin Course) and laugh at everyone who had to read Ecce Romani.

  3. erin Says:

    Abby, I know you know. I do it anyways because it’s fun to get away with it.

    Oh, the Cambridge Latin Course! That reminds me of a few things I should have added to my list:

    “Sexy Grumio” will forever be an inside joke you can share with the Latin geeks you went to high school with.

    In high school you can write rock operas about Pompeii in Latin and people will think it’s so weird that it’s cool.

  4. mooncalf Says:

    Our Latin group even had a trip to Rome and we visited Pompeii and Caecilius’ house. Yes, I saw the atrium in which Metella sedet! It was a weird sensation – partly like visiting the house of a well-known celebrity and partly like visiting the house of a fictional character.

    Caecilius’ family were in Dr Who the other day as well and I behaved like an insane person when I realised who they were and greeted the whole family like long-long friends.

    I may, possibly, be insane and a good example of why learning Latin is actually a very bad thing…

  5. erin Says:

    Our class went to Pompeii too! We were so excited but instead of showing us Caecilius’ house, our guide took us to a brothel. We were so disappointed.

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