Matt Good

Mr. Good is back with a band and he never disappoints. I went in with my fingers crossed for Avalanche and they played it second. It’s chilling played acoustically and pure awesome with a band.

He played a lot of songs from the new album, some from Hospital Music and a lot of old singles. It was nice to see him pull out some old MGB songs that he hasn’t played much over the past few tours. The crowd loves it, everyone sings along and the atmosphere is great. He doesn’t really need to sing some of them because the audience can sing them louder. I was totally floored to finally see Weapon live.

I would pay a lot of money for a bootleg of the version of Empty’s Theme Park that they played so I could put it on repeat and lay on the floor in the dark for forever.

And, as always, you go to hear him say whatever’s on his mind, whether it’s the pathetic state of the news media in Vancouver (Canwest Global owns it all), discussing how if he was the president of the earth he’d give the world’s arms to Tuvalu and the USS Abraham Lincoln to Jamaica to turn into a giant floating bar or how cocaine is very bad. Stevie Nicks had to take her cocaine anally because she’d destroyed her nasal passages so badly, which would be the point where any sane person would stop. It’s like a guy who runs over his foot every time he mows the lawn because there’s a hot nurse next door (eventually you have to realize that she doesn’t put out so maybe this is a dumb idea).

It’s one of the few shows you’ll go to where people actually call out for more stories instead of songs. The man’s hilarious. I laughed until I nearly cried.

I took a lot of photos but they’re being held hostage right now so have a look at my new shirt! I wasn’t crazy about the one women’s shirt they had so I bought this one in a men’s small. Please pray for lots of dryer shrinkage for me. They also had some really cool soccer scarves but they’re not the sort of thing I’d really wear a lot.

In the merch line a guy was quite amused that I am so short. He kept looking back and smiling. It’s why I don’t do mosh pits, I said. I’m glad I can amuse people.

The show was so awesome I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy tickets for yesterday too.

Only one thing was bad about the evening. I managed to lose my favourite pair of mittens and my own stupidity is probably to blame. I put an ad on Craigslist here, even though I know I will never get them back. They’re just too cool to be returned. I’m sad about this. I really need an idiot string.

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  1. k Says:

    Maybe the guy’s smile meant he thought you were cute, not that he found your height a source of amusement. Unless of course you’re still a believer in that manifesto you posted way back..what was it.. “Reasons i’m not your girlfriend” or something similar. lol The shirt looks fine, decent color and design,not overly large.

  2. erin Says:

    Maybe that’s it. Though I neglected to say that he was probably twice my age and there with another woman.

    I’ve been thinking of updating that manifesto for 2009/10. Thanks for reminding me.

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