Idle speculation

Stave Lake Powerhouse

We were driving east into the dark. I assumed that I was being driven out into the middle of nowhere to be dumped into the lake because that seemed to be the direction we were going. It’s a surprise, they said.

Of course, it was possible that I would be left out in the middle of the forest. I mulled this possibility over for a while. The lake seemed more probable.

Earlier in the day we’d been at Ikea for one of those hundred dollar breakfasts. They were having a bookshelf sale and remarkably, three of them ended up in our cart. Out in the parkade we fought with the straps as we were tying them down to the roof. Some of them had a really stupid closing/tightening mechanism that made them impossible to tighten up enough so much swearing ensued and they ended up on the ground. For the umpteenth time someone vowed to throw them out.

Me being the stupid packrat I am, I gathered the crappy ones we hate and threw them in the trunk, thus guaranteeing further frustration sometime later down the road. This only occurred to me once we’d driven out past Maple Ridge.

But apparently not. We arrived at the Stave Lake Powerhouse to find that it had been changed into a giant haunted house and it was pretty awesome, both due to the fact that wandering around huge strange machinery in the dark is cool and by the fact that the people there had obviously put so much effort into putting it all together.

I giggled all the way through. I do that in horror movies too. That’s why I can’t watch them in theatres.

2 Responses to “Idle speculation”

  1. Abby Says:

    No you didn’t. You screamed in my ear.

  2. erin Says:

    You’re so picky!

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