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Monday, January 31st, 2011

I’ve gotten so bad at blogging that I forget to write things down. My life these days isn’t really all that interesting so ironically I find that makes it easier to forget the memorable bits.

Things like getting a new cat. She has been living with my parents for two months and she hasn’t been mentioned here yet. So here she is:

Her name is Emma. They got her by way of one of Mom’s coworkers who had a friend who passed away.

She’s timid but quite affectionate. She makes a lot of noise and sounds a lot like a balloon leaking air as she rubs up against your leg. I think she’s kind of a weird looking cat. She has the physique of a bulldog or maybe a tank. I’m not sure what she weighs because she hates being picked up.

My other cat doesn’t like her but she has been slowly getting used to having her around the house. At first they seemed to fight a lot but now it seems more likely that she just wants to play. Apparently her previous owner used to leave the windows open in the apartment and other cats used to drop in and play with her.

But Lou’s about a third of her size and has been acting like a grouchy old lady so Emma has to go play by herself. Poor kitty.

I’m planning on forcing myself back into daily blogging by joining thing-a-day, a big create-a-long where you make something every day for the month of February. I missed it last year but I enjoyed trawling through the blog and seeing what everyone made.

No tears.

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

So there’s this restaurant in a neighbourhood we used to live in that my parents used to go to all the time before I was born. It has really good burgers and a casual atmosphere with reasonable prices.

They took me there when I was a baby and in spite of being fairly well behaved in restaurants I cried inconsolably and they had to take turns babysitting me in the car. The same thing happened the second time they took me there. They ran through the standard baby consolation checklist to no avail.

At every other restaurant we visited I was fine. There was just something about that one that didn’t agree with me so they concluded that it was cursed and vowed to never go there ever again.

I don’t remember any of this but the story was related to me multiple times and every time we drove by the place it was pointed out as the restaurant I totally hate.

Tonight we happened to be in the neighbourhood though and there aren’t a lot of dinner options so I suggested it. I was told that we couldn’t possibly do that but the speed at which we ended up there indicates to me that they actually wanted to go there. They never miss a good chance to publicly ridicule their children. They love us too much.

They told the waitress and I threatened to cry but I didn’t because I’m totally over it now.

Slashed tires

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

My roommate decided that she wanted us all to go to a karaoke bar for her birthday but there was confusion though as to where it was. No one seemed to have the address so we wandered around the neighbourhood for a while. There are several karaoke places around but eventually we found it. Karaoke is fun though places never seem to have much music I actually like. It was probably the only time you’ll ever see me sing along to Lady Gaga.

But when we finally got back we were talking out on the lawn with a friend and she said that she’d sobered up enough to drive home. Are you sure? I remember asking her. I really can’t tell the difference between her drunk and her sober so the thought of it was making me a little nervous. She’d be fine, she said. She could take her heels off finally! She was going to drive slow, take the right lane and she’d make it home eventually.

I had a bad feeling about it though and the car kind of confirmed it. As she went to drive away from the curb it made a weird noise, ground into the curb then swerved erratically into the neighbour’s driveway. She hopped out barefoot and started circling the vehicle. And that’s where we realized that someone had slashed three of her tires. She was pretty upset about it. They were her winter tires. She couldn’t afford them when she bought them and she had a fight with her husband about it. She’d won on the grounds that it would be safer for their daughter. That was about three weeks ago.

It wasn’t driveable so we stood there for two hours waiting for a tow truck. She got into an argument with an aunt who seemed to believe that she should be able to drive 40 km home or at least park the thing on the road. Neither was possible. The rims just spun around in the mushy tires.

I’m not too happy that it happened right outside our house. It was totally random, the only one on our block.

Against U

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011


I had to go to the library to rescue a book. I’d had it out before but I wasn’t able to finish it before it was due and I couldn’t renew it because I have way too many fines right now. So I had to take it back, wait a couple days for it to get reshelved.

It’s alright though. I already know how it ends.

“I didn’t realize The Last King of Scotland it was a book,” my mom had said, “Amin dies in the end.” Great, thanks for ruining the surprise.

While at the library I thought I’d take a bunch of books with odd call numbers and then stack them against a book called ‘U’. I figured that U was probably a catalogue of everybody’s favourite letter, documenting it’s appearance and usage throughout history, from it’s appearance in ancient times and it’s gradual separation from V, as well as it’s typographic treatments in various typefaces over the years.

I was going to take all the odds and stack them against U and then take a picture, see if anyone noticed.

But the library didn’t have a book called U. I looked for “You” and there was one but it was in another branch. Some sort of health manual. And then I checked for “Ewe”, which apparently doesn’t exist.

If it did I bet it would be about a woman experiencing a surprise pregnancy for the first time at 37 and coming to terms with faith and motherhood.

Oh well. I didn’t have my camera with me anyways. This is the second time this has happened. Maybe it’s a sign.

Wrong room

Saturday, January 15th, 2011


I was late for class the other day and I walked into the wrong room. It took me a while to notice though because there were some people I knew in there and someone handed me a hand-out and invited me to sit down. But something was off. There were too many people I didn’t know and I stood there really bewildered before I realized that I was supposed to be next door.

The people in the room I was in were planning a conference or something. My instructor was there and someone else was teaching our class that night.

“You can stay if you want,” she said, but by that time I was mortified and I excused myself awkwardly.

We had a lapidary demonstration in our class. Faceting. The guy cut a standard round brilliant cut from start to finish. It was akin to watching paint dry so we talked a lot.

We paused to reflect on the absence of one of our classmates. She keeps talking about how she wants to learn to cut diamonds but I don’t think she really understands how much time that takes. Diamonds are even more tedious than the stones we saw cut today. I doubt she has the attention span for it.

I do lapidary too, but I mostly do cabs. They’re a little more exciting.

Conversation turned to the subject of women in the trade. They’re capable but not many do bench work. You have to keep your fingernails short and it’s hard on your hands.

Suddenly all eyes were on me. “How are your hands?” someone asked.

“Callused,” I replied, “like sandpaper.”

600 grit, I reckon.

The holiday’s over

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

How many of my roommates does it take to take down a Christmas tree?

Several plus a television, apparently.

Wesley’s uncle seems to upgrade his TV every three or four months so we are perpetually the recipients of ever-larger television sets. The newest upgrade arrived yesterday morning. The screen was moderately larger than the one we already had, but the back end of it was probably double the size so it takes up a lot more space in the room and it’s much heavier.

I haven’t watched it yet so I’m not sure if it’s any better than the previous one we had. It has a couple quirks, one of them being that everything on the remote works except the on button. You need to press the button on the TV to make it work.

It dwarfed the little table that we had been using for the TV. Every time someone pressed the button the poor thing shook drunkenly and it was making people nervous.

Mye and Mary-Lee decided to move it onto the coffee table instead and in the process of manhandling it, knocked over the tree. Steph was passing by at the time and managed to catch it by the top and amazingly enough, not spill her tea.

There was a brief pause in which everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and then the tree abruptly broke in half.

We decided that it was time to take it down and stuffed it into it’s box. Someone can worry about it’s brokenness later.