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Cribbage season resumes

Monday, September 6th, 2010


Erin: I’m glad I’m not on some sort of bachelor reality TV program so America doesn’t have to meet my parents.

Mom: That would be the best hour of TV ever.


We’re moving toward winter now which means the beginning of cribbage season. The tournament began with a vengeance last night.

Team Firstborn* had a strong showing after what was a disappointing season last year. But while we initially had a commanding lead, Team Awesome** came up from behind to win the first round.

“I used the cat to distract you with her cuteness!” my sister said.

The second one was a triumph for our side as we delivered a crushing blow to Team Awesome. Of course they complained that we had resorted to cheap tactics like getting good hands and scoring lots of points.

They were so pissed off that they brought out their secret weapon: Everglot the Lucky Woodbug. He is this weird buggy stuffed animal that she got at Ikea a while ago. She believes that he brings her good luck and sits with him squished between her bosom and the edge of the table so that his eyes bulge out and stare menacingly at everyone around the table.

Unfortunately for us, as ridiculous as it sounds, the bug is lucky and we lost.

*my mom and I, eldest children of both our families and clearly the most excellent team.
**dad and my sister, clearly delusional and hence their team name.

Loose ends

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

I’ve been trying to tie up some loose ends. I have this mountain of little things that need my attention in some way or other. I’m really good at starting things. I’m just not always very good at making sure I finish them. That seems to take an inordinate amount of effort and focus.

Last week it was this shawl:

It had sat unfinished for a year because I ran out of yarn and couldn’t find something similar to finish it with.

This week it is the button band on a cardigan that has been sitting unfinished for a long time. I went into the bathroom to try it on to see how it was fitting and as I was walking out I bumped into Mary-Lee, who shrieked because I’d startled her. She startled me too! It seems that the house doesn’t have to sit empty for very long before I forget that other people live here.

Well, it hasn’t been completely empty, but the remaining people have kept schedules that were totally different from mine. The only evidence that they were here has been the dirty dishes in the sink.

Mary-Lee’s back from spending the summer in Quebec. The cat gave her the silent treatment for a few hours but is now mostly back to normal. I say mostly because in Mary-Lee’s absence she glommed onto me so now when Mary-Lee leaves the house the cat doesn’t whine or act up nearly as much as she used to.

My soundtrack for the day:

Mini spork

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010


My head is in many places these days.

I hate how you can pencil in the correct amount of time to sleep but when the time comes to do it somehow it just doesn’t get done.

The assortment of dishes in our house is really random and we all play favourites. There are some that I don’t like for totally arbitrary reasons so I won’t bother with them and there are others that I’ll only use for specific uses.

I didn’t think about this at all until I suddenly decided that I would have a grilled cheese sandwich with chutney tonight. I searched the cutlery drawer for the mini spork for the chutney but I couldn’t find it. It was in the dishwasher or something.

At that point in time I decided that I should give up on my meal plans altogether. Then I decided I was being stupid and changed my mind.